Decorative Shoe Clips

Created for the gal who likes cheering on her beloved group just as much as she likes adding footwear to her closet, Lillybee unites loyalties with Life style. Regardless of whether you’re heading to the sport, your sorority dwelling, or to your favorite fundraiser, our lively shade combos link type with importance.

Kassie Rempel, an admitted shoe-freak and born-and-bred Carolina lover, founded an e-commerce shoe boutique referred to as SimplySoles, and marketed it in 2012 to deal with her new passion – footwear for the Female Fashionista. Although it’s legitimate she “technically” produced the line just so she’d seem spiritedly classy at the Dean Dome, she’s thrilled to broaden the collection to teams nationwide (even to rivals she prefers not to name).

The road and label wouldn’t exist with no guardianship click here and stewardship of co-founder, Lisa Palmer. Bizarrely and serendipitously, Kassie and Lisa both of those independently founded businesses named Lillybee. It had been their appreciate in their unbiased strains that first brought them together. Following talking about it for many several years, in 2012 they eventually fused their awareness, enthusiasm, and experience into 1 joint and single organization not surprisingly called Lillybee.

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